In 1914 Erwin “Cannonball” Baker set the first cross country record on his Indian Motorcycle accomplishing his trans continental trip in 11 days. Soon after he would switch from motorcycles to automobiles and in 1933 he set a record traveling from New York to Los Angeles in a Graham-Page Model 57 Blue Streak 8, the drive became known as the “Cannonball Run” and thus gave birth to the car rally.


It would not be until 1971 when Brock Yates a reporter for Car and Driver Magazine would bring back the Cannonball legend hosting five runs in total. The most famous of them being in 1972 when Dan Gurney and Brock Yates driving a Ferrari Daytona accomplished the run in 35 hours and 54 minutes; forever changing the landscape for what modern car rallies are about. His famous quote still synonymous with irreverent ralliers today…

“At no time did we exceed 175 MPH.”



We are a collective of like-minded individuals that want to drive unknown open roads, explore new cities and destinations and share this amongst other Cannonballers. We believe in a notion that all cars and their drivers are created equal, and therefore we exemplify camaraderie to all. We embrace individuality, embody the movement that Erwin started and Brock Yates furthered, and now we will carry the torch.



After recently surpassing their centennial milestone, Cannonball Run is currently the oldest rally in existence. Thus, in the true spirit of Brock Yates, we intend on carrying on a tradition that still resonates with so many enthusiasts, and many to come. Cannonball Run Rally (CBRR) will separate itself from the rest by fully embracing a true customer satisfaction ideology. With over 48 years of combined rally experience, the CBRR collective will carry on the spirit of the legend in a rally format and be a truly unique experience in itself.


The namesake is back and without question, will prove to be the best.